Event Genius wird jetzt von Lyte betrieben
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Event Genius wird jetzt von Lyte betrieben
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Working with Event Genius: Life as a new customer with Ben Randm, Wonder Vision events

Alex Ogilvie
29 May
Minuten Lesezeit

Primarily known as a magician and performer around the North of England, Ben Randm (left of picture) is a new customer at Event Genius.After being recommended our services by another promoter, Ben signed up with us to sell tickets for the first of many events at the Belgrave Music Hall in our hometown of Leeds.We had a quick catch-up with Ben to see how he’s been getting on with our technology and support services:EG.) Why did you sign up to work with Ticket Arena & Event Genius?BR: I was told about them by the team at Canal Mills who spoke highly of their services and tools.EG.) How easy have you found the process of getting started and getting your events online?BR: There were a couple minor things which once flagged with the support team were resolved immediately. It was a relatively easy experience.EG.) How have you found the client services provided by your account manager?BR: Very hands on, which is great, it’s allowed for me to amend and update as and when needed which is spot on for the style of service I require.EG.) What’s your favourite thing about the Event Genius tools?BR: The updates you receive on tickets sales and I really like the large amount of much information users can to add into the event description text box, very handy.EG.) How would you describe the experience of being a new customer with Ticket Arena & Event Genius?Really great and thorough! Will certainly be using them again.If you’d like to read more about how our customers rate our services and products, please check out our Case Studies page.

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