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We’re proud to support Australia’s live entertainment industry’s #VaxTheNation campaign

Luke Nightingale
21 Sep
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As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout gathers pace across Australia, we’re proud to support the #VaxTheNation campaign. Set up by more than 400 of the country’s leading artists and performers, as well as music festivals such as For The Love, Wildlands and Grapevine Gathering, venues, record labels and more, #VaxTheNation is aimed at encouraging those not yet vaccinated to go and get the jab.

The campaign has united the nation’s live entertainment industry, which has come together to remind all Australians of the magic of live events as well as the huge boost it brings to its economy. But right now it’s suffering greatly, and vaccination is the only way to ‘stop the interruptions’ and break the cycle of lockdowns.

The Live Entertainment Sector has been dealt a massive blow over the past 18 months, with thousands of performances disrupted, postponed or cancelled, and tens of thousands of workers stood down (or unable to work at all). 

For the Love Festival, which supports the campaign

Billions of dollars has been lost for the Australian economy – no shows means no fans spending at nearby restaurants, bars, retail or accommodation, or booking flights to make a weekend of it.

Prior to the most recent lockdowns, live music activity was at just 12% of pre-COVID levels as larger shows and tours remain uneconomic without full venue capacities and uncertainty around both domestic and international border restrictions. Two thirds of industry jobs (79,000) were gone by the end of 2020, plus $23.6 billion of economic output and $10.7 billion of added value was also lost.

With a target of 80% of the population to be vaccinated for event restrictions to be totally eased agreed by the National Cabinet, LIVE Alliance members say it is now imperative that all Australian citizens play their part in helping get the country’s live entertainment industry back on the road.

“The impact of the pandemic on Australia’s world-leading music, theatre, comedy and live entertainment industries has been truly devastating. Getting vaccinated is the crucial step  fans can take which will allow us to join together and enjoy the unbeatable magic of live performance once again.”

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