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Event Genius wird jetzt von Lyte betrieben
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Ticket Arena’s new slimline checkout makes purchases up to 26% faster

Alex Ogilvie
1 Aug
Minuten Lesezeit

As part of our continued commitment to making it as easy as possible for fans to buy tickets while they are on-the-go, we’re trimming the amount of data your customers are required to enter before they purchase a ticket.By removing date-of-birth and gender, two fields that you’ve told us that you no longer require, and improving the way we process postcodes, which will not be needed on e-tickets or countries outside of the UK, we have cut checkout time by up to 26% for new customers.This new ‘slimline’ version of our checkout will come into effect as the default option across all box-offices and ticketarena.co.uk on 3rd August.

Will this affect my demographic reports?

Yes, but any organisers, promoters or events that rely on this demographic data, need not fear, you can continue with the previous version of the checkout by using the following steps:

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about the change to our check, then please contact your Account Manager or our support team via support@eventgenius.co.uk or Tel: +44 (0) 113 350 4114.

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