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Event Genius wird jetzt von Lyte betrieben
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Put a spring in your ticket sales this Easter

Alex Ogilvie
15 Feb
Minuten Lesezeit

Like most public holidays, Easter is a time when event professionals end up with the shortest of straws. While the majority of the British public will be busy scoffing chocolate until they feel sick, eventprofs will be stressing over every little detail in the run-up to one of the busiest weekends of the year.

So to make sure that your time spent away from family, friends and other loved ones is as profitable as possible, the marketing team at Ticket Arena has pulled together these plans to help tickets sales to your events fly out of the door.

Sell tickets with us and you’ll get the following support:
We’ll boost ticket sales and awareness to your event/s to millions of our customers using the following channels:

Additionally, any Easter events listed on the Ticket Arena site will be eligible for the following marketing support:

Online Retargeting:
Any event listed on the Ticket Arena site will be added to our retargeting campaigns. This means that any customers who view your event’s listing and doesn’t buy a ticket will be served adverts reminding them about your event as they continue to browse the web (on websites such as Facebook, DJ Mag, Mixmag, NME and more). Once the customer returns to the site and purchases a ticket they will no longer be served adverts for that particular event to ensure budget is freed up to target more of your potential customers.

Abandon Cart Emails:
Another service we’ll be offering to all events this Easter is our targeted abandoned cart marketing emails. Specifically generated to any customer who began but failed to complete an order for your event. These campaigns have a conversion rate of 25%.

Marketing Emails:
Alongside our automated solutions, the team in our marketing department will be hand curating numerous regional and genre based marketing emails specifically focussing on Easter event listings, to over 1.5 million email subscribers. With our above industry-average open rates, inclusion as part of these mailers is sought after and limited; if you want to make sure event is included, contact our marketing team directly.

Easter 2018 event guides:
With over 2.5 million monthly page views, exposure on the Ticket Arena website can help your events reach new, untapped audiences. This year we’ll be curating several different event guides for the Easter period, focussing on our major regions and cities, ensuring we have content that we can target to our different regional audiences. These will all be frequently edited and updated, supported heavily across our social media channels, be included in additional national and regional newsletters as well as feature on the homepage for at least four weeks. To make sure your event is included contact our marketing team.

Get in touch
If you’re interested in our marketing plans and would like to get a little more detail, please contact your Account Manager directly or reach out to our friendly sales team here.

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