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Event Genius wird jetzt von Lyte betrieben
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Product Update: Events Listings Widget

Luke Nightingale
18 Feb
Minuten Lesezeit

Seamless display and sell multiple events via our newly updated Events Listing Widget.

We may still be just two months into 2021 but we’re excited to announce the release of an update to another great feature that we hope our partners will be able to take advantage of this year and beyond. It’s our new and improved Event Listings Widget, which is the perfect ticketing solution for those looking to display and sell tickets to multiple events in one simple user experience. 

So what are the main benefits?

•  Our Listings Widget packages a partner’s entire event portfolio into a slick design embedded seamlessly onto their own website.

•  It features enhanced customisation meaning we are able to design each widget to fit a partner’s branding, making sure it sits beautifully on their own website.

•  Customers remain entirely on a partner’s website, meaning other parts of the website, such as FAQs or other valuable details, will remain easily accessible to users. There’s no redirecting away to any other domains.

•  Available in 9 languages, 40+ accepted currencies and 16 local payment methods. 

•  Partners can easily display ancillary festival events such as boat parties, pre-parties or after-parties.

We particularly recommend this solution for partners such as venues, sports, attractions or immersive experiences that are wishing to sell tickets for various dates. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Listings Widget and how it can help you and your events, please get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!

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