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Product Update: egPay Contactless

Alex Ogilvie
13 Apr
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Seamlessly integrate contactless bank card, Apple and Google Pay, chip & pin and RFID payments into your cashless event.

The demand for cashless from both organisers and fans is at an all time high. As an excellent way of creating a safer event environment, promoters of all types are going cashless. This is compounded by our recent survey which discovered that...

70% of people said they would be more encouraged to attend a festival/event if it were to implement a COVID-secure cashless system. 

More than ever before now is the time to go cashless and despite the flexibility and versatility of a closed loop cashless system, it’s clear that particular event and venue types require a different approach and that is why we’re excited to bring you egPay Contactless.

We understand that in events one size doesn’t fit all, and that sometimes a full cashless solution with RFID/NFC wristbands won’t always be suitable. That’s why with egPay you can now:

•  Implement a Contactless system accepting payments by bank card, Apple Pay and Google Pay and Chip & Pin.
•  Implement a system that accepts both RFID/NFC cashless wristband/card payments and Contactless payments made by bank card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
•  Maintain a cash free bar and vendor operation. 
•  Reduce queues and improve audience flow. 
•  Generate more detailed analytics.

Being able to offer both Cashless and Contactless solutions presents an exciting and unique set of benefits: 

•  Offline payments! Gone are the days of poor network connectivity affecting payments and PDQ machines on site. Take both cashless and contactless payments with or without connectivity. 
•  Streamlined support. Receive all hardware and cashless, PDQ machine and onsite payment support from one provider.  
•  Less post-event headaches thanks to combined reporting and reconciliation encompassing all onsite payments.

If you’d like to speak to us about how egPay can help transform your event, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!

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