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Prepare for New Year’s Eve with our handy event checklist

Alex Ogilvie
12 Dec
Minuten Lesezeit

As one of the most important dates on the calendar, New Year's Eve is a time where you need your event to be running as smoothly as possible. However, as part of a relentless schedule of events to plan and promote, it’s understandable the odd item on your to-do list may slip your mind.

To help, our Account Management team have pulled together a handy checklist to make sure that you have everything you need in place to have a hassle-free holiday season of events:


I want to scan tickets using Entry Genius: If you’re planning on using Entry Genius for your event/s over the weekend then make sure you’re ready by downloading our handy user guide.

Scanning tickets sold via other outlets: If you have sold tickets through multiple websites and are planning to use Entry Genius to scan your customers in, then you may need to upload the details (barcodes, etc) onto Event Genius. If you need help to do this, then send your data as a .CSV file to your Account Manager by 10 am, Monday 31st December.

Double-check that you entered your event start time using the 24h clock: When you’re entering (or copy and pasting) your event’s details over and again onto a bunch of different websites, it can be easy to miss a switch between a 12-hour am/pm and 24-hour clock. Tickets will automatically go off sale one hour before your event start time, so for your own peace of mind, double check the details of your event say 19:00 rather than 07:00.

Sell tickets for longer with Live Sync: If your event hasn’t sold quite as well as you like, or you just want to let a few more potential customers know that you’re open for business, then activating Live Sync will make it easy for you to stay on sale even after your event time has lapsed. For details of how to set-up Live Sync head to this handy blog post.

And finally, check the connectivity at your venue: It may sound obvious, but if you’re planning on using features like Live Sync or Kiosk, then you’re going to need a solid Wi-Fi or 4G connection at your venue. If you’re unsure of what connectivity is like, then make sure you download your ticket inventory to upload to your scanning devices (or print off) before you get on-site.

On Event Day

Login additional scanners: If you’re wary about providing your login details to temporary members of staff, don’t worry: we’ve thought of a solution. You can register additional devices using a QR code by using the following instructions:

Navigate to www.entrygenius.com via your web browser.
Navigate to the All Scanning Devices section and press ‘Register Device’.
Use the device’s camera to scan the QR off the screen to register the device to the event.

Contact Client Services: If you do need some last-minute support, our client services team are here to help. They can be contacted via email: support@ticketarena.co.uk or by telephone 0113 350 4114 and will only be unavailable on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. It will be business as usual on all other dates during the festive period.

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