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Discover untapped revenue with the Event Genius ‘Cashless Calculator’

James Kilpin
14 Mar
Minuten Lesezeit

The demand for cashless from both organisers and fans is at an all time high. 

Not only is a robust cashless payment system an excellent way of creating a more convenient, more efficient, and safer event environment, it’s also something that fans and audiences have come to expect and desire – our ‘Back to Live’ survey last year found that 70% of people would be more encouraged to attend a festival/event if it were to implement a cashless system.

Crucially, event organisers yet to make the switch could also be missing out on significant revenues.

This is where our newly launched Event Genius Cashless ROI Revenue Calculator – the Cashless Calculator for short – comes into play. 

By entering some key details about your event into the Cashless Calculator we can help you discover the benefits to your bottom line that a switch to our cashless solution egPay could have.

Click here to use our Cashless Calculator and discover how much you could boost your revenues by going cashless.

Why go cashless?

For event organisers, there are several benefits to going cashless that will both improve the customer experience and boost revenues. These include:

- Increased efficiency
- Faster transactions
and shorter queues
- Reduced operational overheads
- Increased pre-event revenue
with Cashless Credit sales
- Better customer insights and real-time data
- Zero downtime on your event bars
- egPay can work 100% offline

To find out how much going cashless with Event Genius could improve the revenues of your festival or event and boost your bottom line, enter your event details into the Cashless Calculator here.

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