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Event Genius wird jetzt von Lyte betrieben
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Chelmsford Racecourse chooses award-winning Event Genius Pay as it's cashless supplier

Alex Ogilvie
24 Jan
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We’re delighted to announce that Chelmsford Racecourse has signed a deal to make Event Genius Pay its cashless solution provider.Starting this May, the deal will see 60,000+ fans at the racecourse’s largest sports and entertainment events in 2019 use our award-winning service.

The robust solution, which we’re proud to say surpassed four million payment transactions this summer, allows fans to pre-purchase credits from a white-label solution via the racecourse’s website. These credits are then loaded onto a wristband equipped with a small RFID chip which they are given upon entry to the racecourse.

Once inside, fans use these credits, which can be topped up at any time, to purchase drinks, food and merchandise with a tap of their band. The outcome is a fast and secure payment experience, that results in less time spent waiting in queues and more time enjoying the entertainment on offer.

“As a result of increased footfall to our summer events, we wanted to create a cashless environment in order to provide our customers with speedier service and a more convenient experience,” said James Hall, Events Manager Chelmsford Racecourse “By way of improved efficiency, we would also enjoy increased profits and benefit from sales performance information to further help us develop the business. Event Genius can provide us with a robust and tried system that is easy for customers and staff to use. They ticked every box for us.”

“It’s great to be able to say that Britain’s newest racing venue is now part of our cashless family,” said James Livingston, Business Development Manager at Event Genius. “As we’ve shown to the team at Chelmsford, adding Event Genius Pay isn’t expensive or complex.”

“Once we had their brief, our experts demonstrated how quickly it would be possible to integrate the solution into the racecourse and how it would improve the on-the-day experience for their staff and, more importantly, their customers.”To keep up to date with our latest news please subscribe by entering your email address in the page footer below.

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