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Back to live: COVID-19 ready reserved seating solutions from Event Genius

Alex Ogilvie
17 Feb
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The events industry is going through an incredibly challenging time at the moment and, now more than ever, organisations of all types need to pull together and support each other so we can all get back to live as quickly and as safely as possible. Since the pandemic struck, the teams at Event Genius and Festicket have been working hard creating best practises and new concepts, whilst developing practical new features and functionalities that will help promoters, venues, festivals and event organisers of all types to successfully deliver events in the current climate.In this blog we’ll be outlining some new COVID-secure reserved seating functionality that will help you as we get, back to live. Check out the rest of the articles in our Back to live blog series here.

Custom seating and floor plans

• Our solutions are flexible. Whether you run traditional theatre, arena or gig venue shows or are looking to branch out into drive-in events and other socially distanced open air options, Event Genius Reserved Seating is completely flexible and can generate seating plans for events of all types.

Social distancing ready

• Ensure safe social distancing by setting rules that guarantee seats near a customer’s booking won’t be on sale to others.
• Update your rules easily as social distancing guidelines are eased in your country or region.

Build confidence

• By clearly displaying to customers during the booking process that seats surrounding their selection will not be available to others, you build confidence with your fans, regulators and other stakeholders.

Disable aisle seats

• Keep aisles safe to walk on at all times by easily disabling a number of seats next to aisles in your venue. Alter this number as and when needed in line with social distancing guidelines.

If you’d like to discuss reserved seating for your upcoming events, please reach out to your account manager or get in touch with our friendly sales team today, we'd love to hear from you!

Guidance surrounding COVID-19 is changing regularly, and as we continue to develop our products and services we will be releasing a series of newsletter updates to keep our clients and partners up to date. Sign up below for all our latest updates.

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